Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Blue Lagoon ride Bletchley (Milton Keynes, UK) - 4.7 miles (7.5 km)

Great ride today. Rocky seemed a bit different which I guess was due to me holding a camera while trying to ride a bike badly. Normally he's leashed to me via a long leash and I have two hands on the bike and go at a steady pace (averages about 7 mph, but we go pretty quick when the surroundings are right for it - as in no cats to cause a crash!)

I'm going to have to have a think about the best way to capture the rides as holding a HD camcorder and steering with one hand isn't much fun. Whole nature of a ride means that I have no way of knowing when something unrepeatable will happen, so only filming when it's safe to do so is a limitation.

Anyway, this clip is the farm run going into the Blue Lagoon. It starts from the end nearest the allotments and local football club. There's a stream that runs along the side of this field and the water "looks" clean enough. All these videos are going to be shaky but since it's action rather than pretty stills then that's just how they'll be.

Once we're into the Blue Lagoon main section I no longer have to worry about sudden craters in the path since the wardens for the site keep a lot of access paths clear for recreational users

This second bike ride clip is the better one. We do a lap of the small lake and onto the big lake. I always find it amazing how few people use these really nice parks and lakes; I guess having a 35 kilo "Alsation" with me gives me that confidence to be out in areas lone walkers may fear due to the unknown. 

Now, Mrs Shepherd and I like a clean home. That's a losing battle of course with a big dog but, muddy paws are not welcome inside if he expects to get on the carpers! It's time to hose off ... it helps a lot that Rocky loves water and thinks the hose is a toy. Note the lack of plants for some reason :)

More info about the Blue Lagoon, who would have thought that something as ugly on the land as a brick pit could be transformed to such as local asset:

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